About Us

Welcome to the Camping und Swimmbad am Rhine. We are a public service operation of the municipality of Kaiseraugst.

The unspoiled 15,000 m2 natural wildlife preserve is situated where the Rhine and the Eroglz meet. Due to the slow current, constant water level and gently sloping banks, this section of the Rhine is ideal for swimmers of all levels.

Historically, the pool was a natural pond with a gravel bottom and a very popular place for locals to swim. Around the summer of 1960 the first tents were pitched along the Rhine. From these humble beginnings arose the popular campground that it is today. In 1980 the pond was converted into a 400 m2 swimming pool and is known as one of the warmest in the area.

The campground offers a temporary home to both seasonal tenants and those who are just passing through from April through September. We accommodate RV’s nd campers and tents of all sizes.

With our large playing field, the soccer field, volleyball court, life-size chess board and playing equipment, we offer an ideal setting for school camps and Boy/Girl Scout excursions. Enjoy our delicious breakfast among nature then trot off to experience the Roman Ruins of Augusta Raurica. In the afternoon take a refreshing dips in the pool before enjoying a grill party by the picnic area.

Our picnic area is equipped with benches and tables and a fireplace for the use of our guests. Charcoal and firelighters are available for purchase at the Kiosk. In consideration of the swimmers, use of the firepit is not permitted on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays during the bathing season.

Our boat dock accommodates vessels up to 15m in length. Overnight stays are possible at Fr. 10.00 per night. Electricty is available at the dock. Please check in at the Kiosk after docking.

When taking a break from your swim visit, Reto and Lynne and their team at the BadiBeizli for a drink and a snack or stay and enjoy a delectable lunch or dinner at the newly renovated cafe. Host your business meeting, birthday party or meaningful date with us as we would be happy to customize an event for you.

During the summer we offer special events such as all-you-can-eat dinners, open-air cinema by the Rhine and live Music.

We look forward to your visit!